After each lecture and recitation, notes will be linked below.

L - Lecture / R - Recitation

Date Topic Assignment out Reading group
Wed, Sep 7 L: Intro to software design A0: Jekyll Site  
Thu, Sep 8 R: Markdown/Jekyll + Themes   Ch 1
Mon, Sep 12 L: Need finding A1: Twitter Critique  
Wed, Sep 14 L: Value Sensitive Design    
Thu, Sep 15 R: Napkin Sketches   Ch 2 & 3
Mon, Sep 19 L: Software modularity A2: Fritter diverge  
Wed, Sep 21 L: Automation, flexibility & errors    
Thu, Sep 22 R: Wireframing   Ch 4 & 5
Mon, Sep 26 L: Deceptive design & concept smells A3: Fritter converge  
Wed, Sep 28 L: Seeking simplicity    
Thu, Sep 29 R: RESTful APIs   Ch 6
Mon, Oct 3 L: Application state A4: Fritter review and refinement  
Wed, Oct 5 L: Introduction to Backend Design    
Thu, Oct 6 R: Node / Sessions / Cookies   Ch 9
Mon, Oct 10 No class A5: Fritter Backend  
Wed, Oct 12 L: Modularity decisions    
Thu, Oct 13 R: SQL and RDBs   Ch 10
Mon, Oct 17 L: Open Studio Hours    
Wed, Oct 19 L: User interface review    
Thu, Oct 20 R: HTML + CSS   Ch 11
Mon, Oct 24 L: Reactive frameworks A6: Fritter frontend  
Wed, Oct 26 L: Client-side components    
Thu, Oct 27 R: Vue I   Ch 7
Mon, Oct 31 L: Open Studio Hours Project team formation  
Wed, Nov 2 L: User interface testing    
Thu, Nov 3 R: Vue II   Ch 8
Mon, Nov 7 L: Pitching projects Project diverge  
Wed, Nov 9 No class    
Thu, Nov 10 R: Project problem analysis    
Mon, Nov 14 L: Project pitches Project converge  
Wed, Nov 16 No class    
Thu, Nov 17      
Mon, Nov 21   Project alpha  
Wed, Nov 23      
Thu, Nov 24      
Mon, Nov 28   Project beta  
Wed, Nov 30      
Thu, Dec 1      
Mon, Dec 5 L: Code Review Project final build  
Wed, Dec 7      
Thu, Dec 8      
Mon, Dec 12      
Wed, Dec 14 L: Final Video Showcase